Learner Supports

The range of supports that are available to a learner may vary from centre to centre, depending on the resources and facilities that are available. Learners can enquire in their own centre as to what resources are available. Contact details for all MSLETB centres are available here.

Care for Learners

Within each centre, a designated person, such as the course coordinator, guidance counsellor, assistant manager or other named person, will be available to address any concerns of an academic nature that the learner may have.

MSLETB makes every effort to accommodate learners with disabilities or specific needs and have identified this as an area requiring additional attention and support. New guidelines around reasonable accommodations are being developed by the ETBI Assessment Procedures Working Group, and these will inform the development of the common MSLETB policy on reasonable accommodations.

Financial and Other Supports

Learners in full-time training programmes may be eligible for low-cost childcare under the Childcare in Education and Training Scheme (CETS), operated by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA).

Financial supports are available to some FET learners, depending on the type of programme they are pursuing and their personal circumstances. Information in relation to funding is available here.


The Adult Educational Guidance and Information Service (AEGIS) offers free, impartial and confidential information, guidance and counselling on the educational and training opportunities that are available within MSLETB. The service helps learners to make informed educational, career and life choices and supports adult learners on their journey. A national strategy for FET guidance is currently being developed by SOLAS, ETBI and the National Centre for Guidance in Education.

MSLETB AEGIS has a dedicated website available here.

Learner Complaints

MSLETB’s Code of Practice outlines the mechanisms through which learners may raise concerns through its complaints procedure. A nationally agreed Third Party Complaints Procedure is in place in MSLETB and can be accessed here.