Exciting New Apprenticeship in Craft Butchery Launched by Vice President of the European Parliament, Mairead Mc Guinness 18th April 2019 Ashtown Teagasc Food Research Centre

May 1, 2019


Responding to market trends in the food retail sector, where the art and craft of the butcher has returned to prominence, Mayo Sligo Leitrim Education and Training Board (MSLETB), a leading provider of further education and training in Ireland, is delighted to announce the commencement of a new apprenticeship programme for the Craft Butcher sector in Ireland.


Speaking at the event today Mairead Mc Guinness MEP and Vice President of the European Parliament “I am very proud and honoured to launch this ground-breaking new generation apprenticeship in Craft Butchery.  Butchers are re-inventing themselves as artisans and embracing modern food culture.  This new apprenticeship will provide progression pathways for butchers and increase the skills in the industry”.


This new generation apprenticeship was developed as part of the national strategy to address existing and future skills needs in Ireland by Increasing the number and range of apprenticeships.


Speaking about this development John Hickey, CEO of Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland (ACBI), said “This “National Craft Butcher Apprenticeship” was developed in recognition of the future skills needs of the industry. The programme was developed by a consortia led by Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland, MSLETB and other key stakeholders in the sector. This apprenticeship has been designed for the craft butcher sector by the sector and will serve to educate butchers into the future and expand the skillset of new and existing butchers”.


The programme, delivered over a two-year period, combines centre based training, hosted in the state of the art Teagasc Food Research Centre in Ashtown Co Dublin, with significant “On-the-Job” experiential learning with experienced employers in the workplace that develops a clear pathway for apprentice craft butchers to successfully complete a training programme in order to obtain a professional recognised trade qualification.


According to Sean Burke of MSLETB “The curriculum concentrates on core industry skills such as Meat cutting, Meat Products, Manufacturing Meat Products, Entrepreneurial Skills, Animal Welfare, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, Customer Service and Marketing all of which are crucial in Ireland’s domestic agricultural and food retail sector. This is an innovative programme integrating experiential “On-the-Job” training where the apprentice will be working alongside, and learning from, experienced Craft Butcher professionals in the workplace, and “Off-the-Job” classroom based academic modules. On successful completion of the programme the apprentice will achieve a Level 5 Certificate in Craft Butchery”.


This programme will use a variety of learning methodologies to deliver this industry led and driven programme.  Working with industry partners and supported by MSLETB the programme has been developed to train aspiring craft butchers for the 21st century.


The National Craft Butcher Apprenticeship will support industry by providing a sustainable stream of skilled, professionally qualified long-term employees to take up career opportunities in the sector.


For more information about the National Craft Butcher Apprenticeship programme, to become an approved employer or to register an apprentice, contact juliecahill@msletb.ie National Apprenticeship Programme Manager or apprenticeship@msletb.ie



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