Congratulations to Coláiste Iascaigh, the first MSLETB school to have reached ISPCC Shield Flag status

September 28, 2017


The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) is delighted to announce that Coláiste Iascaigh is the first ETB school in Sligo/Mayo/Leitrim to have reached ISPCC Shield Flag status.

Coláiste Iascaigh, located in Easkey. Co. Sligo, has worked closely with the ISPCC to promote a culture of respect and inclusion in their school where bullying behavior is not tolerated.

The flag was presented on Friday September 22nd by ISPCC Anti-Bullying Coordinator Helen Mortimer in recognition of the work done by the school in developing a robust anti-bullying policy and in building a climate of openness and support in responding to any bullying concerns that arise in the school.

The ISPCC has long recognised that more and more children and young people are struggling every day to cope with bullying in the classroom, the schoolyard, on the internet and within communities.

In 2012 the ISPCC established the Shield Campaign, a proactive and preventative programme to empower schools, clubs, residential based services and communities to combat bullying. This evidence-informed approach helps to ensure that children and young people are protected and ‘shielded’ from bullying. This programme offers a number of free resources to schools and clubs to support their efforts to counteract bullying.

Lorraine Sherlock, Anti-Bullying Coordinator at Coláiste Iascaigh, stated:  ‘We are very proud in Coláiste Iascaigh of our collective approach to anti-bullying and are delighted that this work has been recognised by the ISPCC. We look forward to flying the ‘Shield our School’ Flag for all to see.”

Helen Mortimer, Anti-Bullying Coordinator with the ISPCC, said: “I am delighted to see the efforts of Coláiste Iascaigh rewarded with the achievement of the ISPCC Shield Flag. This is testimony to the commitment by the school to be proactive on the issue of bullying. Their investment of time and resources in Shield My School has resulted in this wonderful accomplishment:”

This year’s ISPCC Shield Week is running from September 18th -22nd and highlights the range of services available to the wider community to help them respond proactively to the issue of bullying.

Bullying is everyone’s business, we are standing up against bullying – are you?



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